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    1. Shuai Z, Wang J, Badamagunta M, Choi J, Yang G, Zhang W, Kenny TP, Guggenheim K, Kurth MJ, Ansari AA, Voss J, Coppel RL, Invernizzi P, Leung PSC, Gershwin ME. The fingerprint of antimitochondrial antibodies and the etiology of primary biliary cholangitis. Hepatology. 2017 05; 65(5):1670-1682. PMID: 28100006.
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    2. Hilt S, Tang T, Walton JH, Budamagunta M, Maezawa I, Kálai T, Hideg K, Singh V, Wulff H, Gong Q, Jin LW, Louie A, Voss J. A Metal-Free Method for Producing MRI Contrast at Amyloid-ß. J Alzheimers Dis. 2017; 55(4):1667-1681. PMID: 27911291.
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    3. Petrlova J, Hilt S, Budamagunta M, Domingo-Espín J, Voss J, Lagerstedt JO. Molecular crowding impacts the structure of apolipoprotein A-I with potential implications on in vivo metabolism and function. Biopolymers. 2016 Oct; 105(10):683-92. PMID: 27122373.
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    4. Aung HH, Altman R, Nyunt T, Kim J, Nuthikattu S, Budamagunta M, Voss J, Wilson D, Rutledge JC, Villablanca AC. Lipotoxic brain microvascular injury is mediated by activating transcription factor 3-dependent inflammatory and oxidative stress pathways. J Lipid Res. 2016 06; 57(6):955-68. PMID: 27087439.
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    5. Chernyatina AA, Hess JF, Guzenko D, Voss J, Strelkov SV. How to Study Intermediate Filaments in Atomic Detail. Methods Enzymol. 2016; 568:3-33. PMID: 26795465.
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    6. Altman R, Ly S, Hilt S, Petrlova J, Maezawa I, Kálai T, Hideg K, Jin LW, Laurence TA, Voss J. Protective spin-labeled fluorenes maintain amyloid beta peptide in small oligomers and limit transitions in secondary structure. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2015 Dec; 1854(12):1860-1870. PMID: 26374940.
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    7. Zeno WF, Hilt S, Risbud SH, Voss J, Longo ML. Spectroscopic Characterization of Structural Changes in Membrane Scaffold Proteins Entrapped within Mesoporous Silica Gel Monoliths. ACS Appl Mater Interfaces. 2015 Apr 29; 7(16):8640-9. PMID: 25849085.
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    8. Zeno WF, Hilt S, Aravagiri KK, Risbud SH, Voss J, Parikh AN, Longo ML. Analysis of lipid phase behavior and protein conformational changes in nanolipoprotein particles upon entrapment in sol-gel-derived silica. Langmuir. 2014 Aug 19; 30(32):9780-8. PMID: 25062385; PMCID: PMC4140539.
    9. Petrlova J, Dalla-Riva J, Mörgelin M, Lindahl M, Krupinska E, Stenkula KG, Voss J, Lagerstedt JO. Secondary structure changes in ApoA-I Milano (R173C) are not accompanied by a decrease in protein stability or solubility. PLoS One. 2014; 9(4):e96150. PMID: 24755625; PMCID: PMC3995965.
    10. Kálai T, Altman R, Maezawa I, Balog M, Morisseau C, Petrlova J, Hammock BD, Jin LW, Trudell JR, Voss J, Hideg K. Synthesis and functional survey of new Tacrine analogs modified with nitroxides or their precursors. Eur J Med Chem. 2014 Apr 22; 77:343-50. PMID: 24657571; PMCID: PMC4065883.
    11. Oda MN, Budamagunta MS, Geier EG, Chandradas SH, Shao B, Heinecke JW, Voss J, Cavigiolio G. Conservation of apolipoprotein A-I's central domain structural elements upon lipid association on different high-density lipoprotein subclasses. Biochemistry. 2013 Oct 01; 52(39):6766-78. PMID: 23984834; PMCID: PMC3835726.
    12. Myers WK, Xu X, Li C, Lagerstedt JO, Budamagunta MS, Voss J, Britt RD, Ames JB. Double electron-electron resonance probes Ca²?-induced conformational changes and dimerization of recoverin. Biochemistry. 2013 Aug 27; 52(34):5800-8. PMID: 23906368; PMCID: PMC3784611.
    13. Kemmerer S, Voss J, Faller R. Molecular dynamics simulation of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine modified with a MTSL nitroxide spin label in a lipid membrane. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2013 Nov; 1828(11):2770-7. PMID: 23948659.
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    14. Wang J, Budamagunta MS, Voss J, Kurth MJ, Lam KS, Lu L, Kenny TP, Bowlus C, Kikuchi K, Coppel RL, Ansari AA, Gershwin ME, Leung PS. Antimitochondrial antibody recognition and structural integrity of the inner lipoyl domain of the E2 subunit of pyruvate dehydrogenase complex. J Immunol. 2013 Sep 01; 191(5):2126-33. PMID: 23894195; PMCID: PMC3759514.
    15. Sengottaiyan P, Petrlova J, Lagerstedt JO, Ruiz-Pavon L, Budamagunta MS, Voss J, Persson BL. Characterization of the biochemical and biophysical properties of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae phosphate transporter Pho89. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2013 Jul 05; 436(3):551-6. PMID: 23770362.
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    16. Oda MN, Budamagunta MS, Borja MS, Petrlova J, Voss J, Lagerstedt JO. The secondary structure of apolipoprotein A-I on 9.6-nm reconstituted high-density lipoprotein determined by EPR spectroscopy. FEBS J. 2013 Jul; 280(14):3416-24. PMID: 23668303; PMCID: PMC3906832.
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    25. Aziz A, Hess JF, Budamagunta MS, Voss J, Kuzin AP, Huang YJ, Xiao R, Montelione GT, FitzGerald PG, Hunt JF. The structure of vimentin linker 1 and rod 1B domains characterized by site-directed spin-labeling electron paramagnetic resonance (SDSL-EPR) and X-ray crystallography. J Biol Chem. 2012 Aug 17; 287(34):28349-61. PMID: 22740688; PMCID: PMC3436525.
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