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    1. Roberts MN, Wallace MA, Tomilov AA, Zhou Z, Marcotte GR, Tran D, Perez G, Gutierrez-Casado E, Koike S, Knotts TA, Imai DM, Griffey SM, Kim K, Hagopian K, McMackin MZ, Haj FG, Baar K, Cortopassi GA, Ramsey J, Lopez-Dominguez JA. A Ketogenic Diet Extends Longevity and Healthspan in Adult Mice. Cell Metab. 2017 Sep 05; 26(3):539-546.e5. PMID: 28877457.
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    2. Hagopian K, Kim K, López-Dominguez JA, Tomilov AA, Cortopassi GA, Ramsey J. Mice with low levels of Shc proteins display reduced glycolytic and increased gluconeogenic activities in liver. Biochem Biophys Rep. 2016 Sep; 7:273-286. PMID: 28133633.
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    3. López-Domínguez JA, Cánovas Á, Medrano JF, Islas-Trejo A, Kim K, Taylor SL, Villalba JM, López-Lluch G, Navas P, Ramsey J. Omega-3 fatty acids partially revert the metabolic gene expression profile induced by long-term calorie restriction. Exp Gerontol. 2016 May; 77:29-37. PMID: 26875793.
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    4. Hagopian K, Tomilov AA, Kim K, Cortopassi GA, Ramsey J. Key glycolytic enzyme activities of skeletal muscle are decreased under fed and fasted states in mice with knocked down levels of Shc proteins. PLoS One. 2015; 10(4):e0124204. PMID: 25880638; PMCID: PMC4400099.
    5. Giulivi C, Ramsey J. On fuel choice and water balance during migratory bird flights. Int Biol Rev. 2015; 2015(1). PMID: 28203650.
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