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    1. Haines RA, Urbiztondo RA, Haynes RA, Simpson E, Niewiesk S, Lairmore M. Characterization of New Zealand White Rabbit Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissues and Use as Viral Oncology Animal Model. ILAR J. 2016; 57(1):34-43. PMID: 27034393; PMCID: PMC4816124 [Available on 03/31/17].
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    4. Lairmore M, Ilkiw J. Animals Used in Research and Education, 1966-2016: Evolving Attitudes, Policies, and Relationships. J Vet Med Educ. 2015; 42(5):425-40. PMID: 26673210.
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    7. Lairmore M. Animal models of bovine leukemia virus and human T-lymphotrophic virus type-1: insights in transmission and pathogenesis. Annu Rev Anim Biosci. 2014 Feb; 2:189-208. PMID: 25384140.
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    11. Kannian P, Yin H, Doueiri R, Lairmore M, Fernandez S, Green PL. Distinct transformation tropism exhibited by human T lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) and HTLV-2 is the result of postinfection T cell clonal expansion. J Virol. 2012 Apr; 86(7):3757-66. PMID: 22278223; PMCID: PMC3302488.
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