Michael Dale Lairmore

InstitutionUniversity of California Davis
Address944 Garrod Drive Suite 2045
CA 95616
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    NIH/NCRR T32RR017505Jun 1, 2003 - May 31, 2006
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Retrovirus Models of Cancer
    NIH/NCI P01CA100730Apr 1, 2003 - Aug 31, 2019
    Role: Co-Principal Investigator
    Studies of p30 II and p13 II in HTLV-1 Infection
    NIH/FIC R03TW005705May 1, 2002 - Apr 30, 2005
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Mechanism of p12I and p30II in HTLV1 Infection
    NIH/NCI R01CA092009Feb 15, 2002 - Jan 31, 2007
    Role: Principal Investigator
    Mouse Pathobiology: Models of Human Disease
    NIH/NCRR T32RR007073Jul 1, 2001 - May 31, 2012
    Role: Co-Principal Investigator
    NIH/NCRR R01RR014324Jul 1, 1999 - Jun 30, 2006
    Role: Principal Investigator
    NIH/NIAID K02AI001474Jul 1, 1997 - Jun 30, 2002
    Role: Principal Investigator
    NIH/NCI S15CA066115Sep 1, 1994 - Aug 31, 1995
    Role: Principal Investigator
    NIH/NCI R29CA055185Dec 15, 1992 - Dec 14, 1999
    Role: Principal Investigator

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    1. Haines RA, Urbiztondo RA, Haynes RA, Simpson E, Niewiesk S, Lairmore M. Characterization of New Zealand White Rabbit Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissues and Use as Viral Oncology Animal Model. ILAR J. 2016; 57(1):34-43. PMID: 27034393; PMCID: PMC4816124 [Available on 03/31/17].
    2. Lairmore M, Niewiesk S. Models of Virus-Induced Carcinogenesis and Oncolytic Viruses. ILAR J. 2016; 57(1):1-2. PMID: 27034389.
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    3. Romeo MM, Ko B, Kim J, Brady R, Heatley HC, He J, Harrod CK, Barnett B, Ratner L, Lairmore M, Martinez E, L├╝scher B, Robson CN, Henriksson M, Harrod R. Acetylation of the c-MYC oncoprotein is required for cooperation with the HTLV-1 p30(II) accessory protein and the induction of oncogenic cellular transformation by p30(II)/c-MYC. Virology. 2015 Feb; 476:271-288. PMID: 25569455.
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    4. Lairmore M. Animal models of bovine leukemia virus and human T-lymphotrophic virus type-1: insights in transmission and pathogenesis. Annu Rev Anim Biosci. 2014 Feb; 2:189-208. PMID: 25384140.
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    5. Dodon MD, Villaudy J, Gazzolo L, Haines R, Lairmore M. What we are learning on HTLV-1 pathogenesis from animal models. Front Microbiol. 2012; 3:320. PMID: 22969759; PMCID: PMC3431546.
    6. Doueiri R, Anupam R, Kvaratskhelia M, Green KB, Lairmore M, Green PL. Comparative host protein interactions with HTLV-1 p30 and HTLV-2 p28: insights into difference in pathobiology of human retroviruses. Retrovirology. 2012 Aug 09; 9:64. PMID: 22876852; PMCID: PMC3464894.
    7. Lairmore M, Haines R, Anupam R. Mechanisms of human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 transmission and disease. Curr Opin Virol. 2012 Aug; 2(4):474-81. PMID: 22819021.
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    8. Kannian P, Yin H, Doueiri R, Lairmore M, Fernandez S, Green PL. Distinct transformation tropism exhibited by human T lymphotropic virus type 1 (HTLV-1) and HTLV-2 is the result of postinfection T cell clonal expansion. J Virol. 2012 Apr; 86(7):3757-66. PMID: 22278223; PMCID: PMC3302488.
    9. Barrios CS, Abuerreish M, Lairmore M, Castillo L, Giam CZ, Beilke MA. Recombinant human T-cell leukemia virus types 1 and 2 Tax proteins induce high levels of CC-chemokines and downregulate CCR5 in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Viral Immunol. 2011 Dec; 24(6):429-39. PMID: 22111594; PMCID: PMC3234705.
    10. Martin F, Bangham CR, Ciminale V, Lairmore M, Murphy EL, Switzer WM, Mahieux R. Conference highlights of the 15th International Conference on Human Retrovirology: HTLV and related retroviruses, 4-8 June 2011, Leuven, Gembloux, Belgium. Retrovirology. 2011 Oct 28; 8:86. PMID: 22035054; PMCID: PMC3223150.
    11. Zimmerman B, Sargeant A, Landes K, Fernandez SA, Chen CS, Lairmore M. Efficacy of novel histone deacetylase inhibitor, AR42, in a mouse model of, human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 adult T cell lymphoma. Leuk Res. 2011 Nov; 35(11):1491-7. PMID: 21802726; PMCID: PMC3191315.
    12. Lairmore M, Anupam R, Bowden N, Haines R, Haynes RA, Ratner L, Green PL. Molecular determinants of human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 transmission and spread. Viruses. 2011 07; 3(7):1131-65. PMID: 21994774; PMCID: PMC3185783.
    13. Anupam R, Datta A, Kesic M, Green-Church K, Shkriabai N, Kvaratskhelia M, Lairmore M. Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 p30 interacts with REGgamma and modulates ATM (ataxia telangiectasia mutated) to promote cell survival. J Biol Chem. 2011 Mar 04; 286(9):7661-8. PMID: 21216954; PMCID: PMC3045020.
    14. Haynes RA, Zimmerman B, Millward L, Ware E, Premanandan C, Yu L, Phipps AJ, Lairmore M. Early spatial and temporal events of human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 spread following blood-borne transmission in a rabbit model of infection. J Virol. 2010 May; 84(10):5124-30. PMID: 20219918; PMCID: PMC2863820.
    15. Haynes RA, Phipps AJ, Yamamoto B, Green P, Lairmore M. Development of a cytotoxic T-cell assay in rabbits to evaluate early immune response to human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 infection. Viral Immunol. 2009 Dec; 22(6):397-405. PMID: 19951176; PMCID: PMC2852241.
    16. Haynes RA, Ware E, Premanandan C, Zimmerman B, Yu L, Phipps AJ, Lairmore M. Cyclosporine-induced immune suppression alters establishment of HTLV-1 infection in a rabbit model. Blood. 2010 Jan 28; 115(4):815-23. PMID: 19965683; PMCID: PMC2815511.
    17. Xie L, Kesic M, Yamamoto B, Li M, Younis I, Lairmore M, Green PL. Human T-cell leukemia virus type 2 Rex carboxy terminus is an inhibitory/stability domain that regulates Rex functional activity and viral replication. J Virol. 2009 May; 83(10):5232-43. PMID: 19279097; PMCID: PMC2682101.
    18. Ratner L, Harrington W, Feng X, Grant C, Jacobson S, Noy A, Sparano J, Lee J, Ambinder R, Campbell N, Lairmore M. Human T cell leukemia virus reactivation with progression of adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma. PLoS One. 2009; 4(2):e4420. PMID: 19204798; PMCID: PMC2636875.
    19. Arnold J, Zimmerman B, Li M, Lairmore M, Green PL. Human T-cell leukemia virus type-1 antisense-encoded gene, Hbz, promotes T-lymphocyte proliferation. Blood. 2008 Nov 01; 112(9):3788-97. PMID: 18689544; PMCID: PMC2572803.
    20. Yamamoto B, Li M, Kesic M, Younis I, Lairmore M, Green PL. Human T-cell leukemia virus type 2 post-transcriptional control protein p28 is required for viral infectivity and persistence in vivo. Retrovirology. 2008 May 12; 5:38. PMID: 18474092; PMCID: PMC2405800.
    21. Datta A, Silverman L, Phipps AJ, Hiraragi H, Ratner L, Lairmore M. Human T-lymphotropic virus type-1 p30 alters cell cycle G2 regulation of T lymphocytes to enhance cell survival. Retrovirology. 2007 Jul 16; 4:49. PMID: 17634129; PMCID: PMC1937004.
    22. Michael B, Nair AM, Datta A, Hiraragi H, Ratner L, Lairmore M. Histone acetyltransferase (HAT) activity of p300 modulates human T lymphotropic virus type 1 p30II-mediated repression of LTR transcriptional activity. Virology. 2006 Oct 25; 354(2):225-39. PMID: 16890266; PMCID: PMC3044896.
    23. Nair AM, Michael B, Datta A, Fernandez S, Lairmore M. Calcium-dependent enhancement of transcription of p300 by human T-lymphotropic type 1 p12I. Virology. 2006 Sep 30; 353(2):247-57. PMID: 16843515; PMCID: PMC3044894.
    24. Kim SJ, Nair AM, Fernandez S, Mathes L, Lairmore M. Enhancement of LFA-1-mediated T cell adhesion by human T lymphotropic virus type 1 p12I1. J Immunol. 2006 May 01; 176(9):5463-70. PMID: 16622014; PMCID: PMC2668115.
    25. Hiraragi H, Kim SJ, Phipps AJ, Silic-Benussi M, Ciminale V, Ratner L, Green PL, Lairmore M. Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 mitochondrion-localizing protein p13(II) is required for viral infectivity in vivo. J Virol. 2006 Apr; 80(7):3469-76. PMID: 16537614; PMCID: PMC1440407.
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    40. Kim SJ, Ding W, Albrecht B, Green PL, Lairmore M. A conserved calcineurin-binding motif in human T lymphotropic virus type 1 p12I functions to modulate nuclear factor of activated T cell activation. J Biol Chem. 2003 May 02; 278(18):15550-7. PMID: 12601010.
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    41. Ding W, Albrecht B, Kelley RE, Muthusamy N, Kim SJ, Altschuld RA, Lairmore M. Human T-cell lymphotropic virus type 1 p12(I) expression increases cytoplasmic calcium to enhance the activation of nuclear factor of activated T cells. J Virol. 2002 Oct; 76(20):10374-82. PMID: 12239314; PMCID: PMC136546.
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    44. Albrecht B, D'Souza CD, Ding W, Tridandapani S, Coggeshall KM, Lairmore M. Activation of nuclear factor of activated T cells by human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 accessory protein p12(I). J Virol. 2002 Apr; 76(7):3493-501. PMID: 11884573; PMCID: PMC136046.
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