Jonathan Eisen

InstitutionUniversity of California Davis
Address5311 GBSF
CA 95616
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    1. Van Deynze A, Zamora P, Delaux PM, Heitmann C, Jayaraman D, Rajasekar S, Graham D, Maeda J, Gibson D, Schwartz KD, Berry AM, Bhatnagar S, Jospin G, Darling A, Jeannotte R, Lopez J, Weimer BC, Eisen J, Shapiro HY, Ané JM, Bennett AB. Nitrogen fixation in a landrace of maize is supported by a mucilage-associated diazotrophic microbiota. PLoS Biol. 2018 Aug; 16(8):e2006352. PMID: 30086128.
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    6. Wilbanks EG, Salman-Carvalho V, Jaekel U, Humphrey PT, Eisen J, Buckley DH, Zinder SH. The Green Berry Consortia of the Sippewissett Salt Marsh: Millimeter-Sized Aggregates of Diazotrophic Unicellular Cyanobacteria. Front Microbiol. 2017; 8:1623. PMID: 28928719.
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    7. Ettinger CL, Williams SL, Abbott JM, Stachowicz JJ, Eisen J. Microbiome succession during ammonification in eelgrass bed sediments. PeerJ. 2017; 5:e3674. PMID: 28828269.
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    8. Coil DA, Ettinger CL, Eisen J. Gut Check: The evolution of an educational board game. PLoS Biol. 2017 Apr; 15(4):e2001984. PMID: 28453514.
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    9. Ettinger CL, Voerman SE, Lang JM, Stachowicz JJ, Eisen J. Microbial communities in sediment from Zostera marina patches, but not the Z. marina leaf or root microbiomes, vary in relation to distance from patch edge. PeerJ. 2017; 5:e3246. PMID: 28462046.
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    10. Lujan KM, Eisen J, Coil DA. Draft Genome Sequences of Pseudomonas moraviensis UCD-KL30, Vibrio ostreicida UCD-KL16, Colwellia sp. Strain UCD-KL20, Shewanella sp. Strain UCD-KL12, and Shewanella sp. Strain UCD-KL21, Isolated from Seagrass. Genome Announc. 2017 Mar 30; 5(13). PMID: 28360178.
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    11. Busby PE, Soman C, Wagner MR, Friesen ML, Kremer J, Bennett A, Morsy M, Eisen J, Leach JE, Dangl JL. Research priorities for harnessing plant microbiomes in sustainable agriculture. PLoS Biol. 2017 Mar; 15(3):e2001793. PMID: 28350798.
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    12. Dahms PA, Martin AL, Ganz HH, Eisen J, Coil DA. Draft Genome Sequence of Propionibacterium avidum Strain UCD-PD2 Isolated from a Feline Anal Sac. Genome Announc. 2017 Mar 23; 5(12). PMID: 28336587.
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    13. Ganz HH, Doroud L, Firl AJ, Hird SM, Eisen J, Boyce WM. Community-Level Differences in the Microbiome of Healthy Wild Mallards and Those Infected by Influenza A Viruses. mSystems. 2017 Jan-Feb; 2(1). PMID: 28293681.
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    14. Kincheloe GN, Eisen J, Coil DA. Draft Genome Sequence of Arthrobacter sp. Strain UCD-GKA (Phylum Actinobacteria). Genome Announc. 2017 Feb 09; 5(6). PMID: 28183767.
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    15. De Vries DR, Martin AL, Ganz HH, Eisen J, Coil DA. Draft Genome Sequence of Enterococcus faecalis Strain UCD-PD3. Genome Announc. 2016 Dec 15; 4(6). PMID: 27979940.
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    17. Koenigsaecker TM, Eisen J, Coil DA. Draft Genome Sequence of Gordonia sp. Strain UCD-TK1 (Phylum Actinobacteria). Genome Announc. 2016 Oct 13; 4(5). PMID: 27738036.
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