James Trimmer

InstitutionUniversity of California Davis
DepartmentPhysiology and Membrane Biology
Address1163 Life Sciences
CA 95616
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    1. Kirmiz M, Palacio S, Thapa P, King AN, Sack JT, Trimmer JS. Remodeling neuronal ER-PM junctions is a conserved nonconducting function of Kv2 plasma membrane ion channels. Mol Biol Cell. 2018 Aug 09; mbcE18050337. PMID: 30091655.
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    2. Kirmiz M, Vierra NC, Palacio S, Trimmer JS. Identification of VAPA and VAPB as Kv2 channel-interacting proteins defining endoplasmic reticulum-plasma membrane junctions in mammalian brain neurons. J Neurosci. 2018 Jul 16. PMID: 30012696.
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    3. Bishop HI, Cobb MM, Kirmiz M, Parajuli LK, Mandikian D, Philp AM, Melnik M, Kuja-Panula J, Rauvala H, Shigemoto R, Murray KD, Trimmer JS. Kv2 Ion Channels Determine the Expression and Localization of the Associated AMIGO-1 Cell Adhesion Molecule in Adult Brain Neurons. Front Mol Neurosci. 2018; 11:1. PMID: 29403353.
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    4. Jensen CS, Watanabe S, Stas JI, Klaphaak J, Yamane A, Schmitt N, Olesen SP, Trimmer JS, Rasmussen HB, Misonou H. Trafficking of Kv2.1 Channels to the Axon Initial Segment by a Novel Nonconventional Secretory Pathway. J Neurosci. 2017 Nov 29; 37(48):11523-11536. PMID: 29042434.
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    5. Speca DJ, Trimmer JS, Peterson AS, Díaz E. Whole exome sequencing reveals a functional mutation in the GAIN domain of the Bai2 receptor underlying a forward mutagenesis hyperactivity QTL. Mamm Genome. 2017 Dec; 28(11-12):465-475. PMID: 28894906.
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    6. Palacio S, Chevaleyre V, Brann DH, Murray KD, Piskorowski RA, Trimmer JS. Heterogeneity in Kv2 Channel Expression Shapes Action Potential Characteristics and Firing Patterns in CA1 versus CA2 Hippocampal Pyramidal Neurons. eNeuro. 2017 Jul-Aug; 4(4). PMID: 28856240.
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    7. Kirk LM, Ti SW, Bishop HI, Orozco-Llamas M, Pham M, Trimmer JS, Díaz E. Distribution of the SynDIG4/proline-rich transmembrane protein 1 in rat brain. J Comp Neurol. 2016 Aug 01; 524(11):2266-80. PMID: 26660156; PMCID: PMC4892943 [Available on 08/01/17].
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    9. Bishop HI, Guan D, Bocksteins E, Parajuli LK, Murray KD, Cobb MM, Misonou H, Zito K, Foehring RC, Trimmer JS. Distinct Cell- and Layer-Specific Expression Patterns and Independent Regulation of Kv2 Channel Subtypes in Cortical Pyramidal Neurons. J Neurosci. 2015 Nov 04; 35(44):14922-42. PMID: 26538660; PMCID: PMC4635138.
    10. Cobb MM, Austin DC, Sack JT, Trimmer JS. Cell Cycle-dependent Changes in Localization and Phosphorylation of the Plasma Membrane Kv2.1 K+ Channel Impact Endoplasmic Reticulum Membrane Contact Sites in COS-1 Cells. J Biol Chem. 2015 Dec 04; 290(49):29189-201. PMID: 26442584; PMCID: PMC4705925 [Available on 12/04/16].
    11. Cáceres M, Ortiz L, Recabarren T, Romero A, Colombo A, Leiva-Salcedo E, Varela D, Rivas J, Silva I, Morales D, Campusano C, Almarza O, Simon F, Toledo H, Park KS, Trimmer JS, Cerda O. TRPM4 Is a Novel Component of the Adhesome Required for Focal Adhesion Disassembly, Migration and Contractility. PLoS One. 2015; 10(6):e0130540. PMID: 26110647; PMCID: PMC4482413.
    12. Trimmer JS. Subcellular localization of K+ channels in mammalian brain neurons: remarkable precision in the midst of extraordinary complexity. Neuron. 2015 Jan 21; 85(2):238-56. PMID: 25611506; PMCID: PMC4303806.
    13. Trimmer JS. Clarification of previously published perspective. Epilepsia. 2014 Sep; 55(9):1469. PMID: 25223507.
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    14. King AN, Manning CF, Trimmer JS. A unique ion channel clustering domain on the axon initial segment of mammalian neurons. J Comp Neurol. 2014 Aug 01; 522(11):2594-608. PMID: 24477962; PMCID: PMC4133991.
    15. Mandikian D, Bocksteins E, Parajuli LK, Bishop HI, Cerda O, Shigemoto R, Trimmer JS. Cell type-specific spatial and functional coupling between mammalian brain Kv2.1 K+ channels and ryanodine receptors. J Comp Neurol. 2014 Oct 15; 522(15):3555-74. PMID: 24962901; PMCID: PMC4139460.
    16. Baek JH, Rubinstein M, Scheuer T, Trimmer JS. Reciprocal changes in phosphorylation and methylation of mammalian brain sodium channels in response to seizures. J Biol Chem. 2014 May 30; 289(22):15363-73. PMID: 24737319; PMCID: PMC4140893.
    17. Trimmer JS. Ion channels and pain: important steps towards validating a new therapeutic target for neuropathic pain. Exp Neurol. 2014 Apr; 254:190-4. PMID: 24508559; PMCID: PMC4118296.
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